The Degree

A one of a kind Masters Degree, which no other university in the country offers.
o Only a handful of other EU universities offer similar MA programmes.
o The Degree will reveal the Blockchain revolution.
o This event will affect all aspects of the economy: from banking and healthcare to marketing and music.
o Blockchain will help us introduce a better business and living environments.
o Blockchain is a new and different reality.
o The Degree will give you a valuable knowledge on this vast new technological realm.
o Our reputed lecturers will help you become the preferred experts of the technology industry

Why MA in Blockchain?

o You will become the very much desired and demanded job applicant in the contemporary technology firms.
o You will receive a deep and profound knowledge on Blockchain
o You will have the competitive advantage required when starting your own business or applying for a new job.
o The degree will explain to you how the new digital economy works and will do so in the near future.

The courses

1 Introduction to the Blockchain Technology

Today, we all live in a fast moving high-tech world. Here we will examine the history of Blockchain and its evolution over the years. We will cover the system's main characteristics, how it works and what it is built on.

2 Blockchain Ecosystem

This course will study the building blocks of the Blockchain ecosystem as well as the different processes and interactions between them. You
will learn more on:

o Crypto wallets;
o Crypto currencies;
o Crypto exchanges;
o Smart Contracts and their application in the Blockchain realm.

3 Blockchain innovations

The progress in the world we live in, comes to us as a result of various innovations. Each and everyone of them is designed to make our lives better, more convenient and secure. This course will cover the main principles behind innovation, i.e., how we create, realise and distribute innovation. Afterwards, we will study innovation in the Blockchain context and how it will revolutionise the environment. Here, we will also examine how to create and manage crypto projects.


In order to execute a given crypto project, we need appropriate financing solutions. And, one of the most innovative financing solutions is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This course will study the various steps needed to organise an ICO. We will also deeply analyse the ICO technologies and processes, as well as the factors for its success. Here we will practice the theory by organising a real ICO within the course.